Aerial imagery, time-lapse and live streaming specialists

At Aerial Video TV, we shoot still imagery and video for many construction projects across the UK.

This allows all stakeholders to follow the progression of your project, throughout the build and it’s also great for social media marketing.

We recognise that once the building is complete you can’t go back and see how it looked at various points during its construction, unless that is of course you timelapse the project.

Here’s an example of one of our projects which is 1 year into a 2 year build.

This is the Axis project in Manchester, a 28 floor luxury resi block in the centre of the city.

The camera takes one photo every 10 minutes throughout the working day and those photos are stitched together to make the video. This is made possible using our state of the art timelapse equipment, using 4k cameras with modem/routers containing their own sim card, uploading all images straight to our secure servers.

You can see from the video how impressive it is and at the end of the project, you have a complete record of the entire build. And if there’s a critical part of the build you want a screen grab from, we can do that for you. We can even provide you with a log-in so you can have a look anytime you want.

To chat about timelapse or aerial video and imagery, just click the “contact us” button at the top of the page or pop an email to

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When you’re talking about construction, once the build it complete, that’s it. You can’t go back and see what it was like mid-way.

With time lapse, you capture every stage of the build. Taking one single photo every 10 minutes every day and then stitching into a beautiful video from start to finish. Great for pr, marketing, social media or for investors.

Give us a call or get in touch to find out how affordable time lapse is for your project, no matter how short or long it is.